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Senior Patrol Leader
The senior patrol leader is the top leader of the troop. He is responsible for the troop’s
overall operation. With guidance from the Scoutmaster, he takes charge of troop
meetings, of the patrol leaders’ council, and of all troop activities, and he does
everything he can to help each patrol be successful. He is responsible for annual
program planning conferences and assists the Scoutmaster in conducting troop
leadership training. The senior patrol leader presides over the patrol leaders’ council
and works closely with each patrol leader to plan troop meetings and make
arrangements for troop activities. All members of a troop vote by secret ballot to choose
their senior patrol leader. Rank and age requirements to be a senior patrol leader are
determined by each troop, as is the schedule of elections. During a Scout’s time as
senior patrol leader, he is not a member of any patrol but may participate with a Venture
patrol in high-adventure activities


Assistant Senior Patrol Leader
The assistant senior patrol leader works closely with the senior patrol leader to help the
troop move forward and serves as acting senior patrol leader when the senior patrol
leader is absent. Among his specific duties, the assistant senior patrol leader trains and
provides direction to the troop quartermaster, scribe, historian, librarian, instructors, and
Order of the Arrow representative. During his tenure as assistant senior patrol leader he
is not a member of a patrol, but he may participate in the high-adventure activities of a
Venture patrol. Large troops may have more than one assistant senior patrol leader,
each appointed by the senior patrol leader.

Patrol Leader
The patrol leader is the top leader of a patrol. He represents the patrol at all patrol
leaders’ council meetings and the annual program planning conference and keeps
patrol members informed of decisions made. He plays a key role in planning, leading,
and evaluating patrol meetings and activities and prepares the patrol to participate in all
troop activities. The patrol leader learns about the abilities of other patrol members and
full involves them in patrol and troop activities by assigning them specific tasks and
responsibilities. He encourages patrol members to complete advancement requirements
and sets a good example by continuing to pursue his own advancement.


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