At Troop 007, we have fun while learning skills for scouting and for life.

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Troop Comm. Chair/membership:    Tom Stewart


Scoutmaster:                                          Scott May


Assistant Scoutmasters:                      Lawrence Bergan, Tom Stewart, Rehab Said, Shannon Said, Carrie Todd, Dasong Cheng, Tilly Tillotson, Devin Versace


Troop Committee:                                 Scott May, Tom Stewart, Rehab Said, Shannon Said, Carrie Todd, Tony Shannon, Gretchen Burgess, Margaret Bergan, Karen Seaton, Scott Sullivan, Susan Sullivan, Jumi Ikenaga, Rachel Carvahlo


Board of Reviews:                                 Karen Seaton,  Scott Sullivan, Lawrence Bergan (also open to parents that are at the trp meeting)


Historian Point Person:                          Karen Seaton


Committee Secretary:                          Gretchen Burgess


Parent help with weekly trp mtgs:    Bobby Rentfro, Sarah George, Susan Sullivan


Chaplain:                                                  Jim Silbernagel, Rehab Said


Round Table Secretary:                          Scott Sullivan


Carpooling/transportation:                 Thelma Bentley


Librarian Point Person:                          Okkyong Hanrahan


Quartermaster Point Person:              Carrie Todd


Campout/Advance Camp Comm:      Susan Sullivan


Eagle Coach:                                            Rehab Said


Greenbar leads:                                      Karen Seaton, Rachel Carvahlo


High Adventure Committee:                Karen Seaton, Rachel Carvahlo


Fundraising:                                             Gretchen Burgess, Nikki Tillotson


Advancement Chair:                               Tony Shannon


Treasurer:                                                 Jumi Ikenaga


Summer camp Coordinator:                 Thelma Bentley


Medical Health Forms Coordinator:  Shannon Said


Webmasters:                                             Carrie Todd, Tony Shannon


Food campout Coordinator:                 Carrie Todd


Popcorn Chair:                                          Annette Balter


New scout parent coordinator:          Shannon Said


Patrol Parent:                                        Gretchen Burgess (Lightening Wolves)


William Bentley (New scout Patrol)

Positions to be filled:


Patrol Parents:                                       4 positions

BSA Benica Troop 007

Charter Organization Rep
Ernest Guttierez

Executive Officer
Edward Heffernan

Committee Chair
Thomas Stewart

Scott May

Assistant Scoutmasters
Dasong Cheng
Shannon Said
Rahab Said
Carrie Todd
Devin Versace

Gretchen Burgess

Robert Rentfro

Unit Chaplain
Rahab Said
James Silbernagel

Advancement Chair
Anthony Shannon

Parent Coordinator
Shannon Said

Committee Members
William Bentley
Gretchen Burgess
Shannon Said
Karen Seaton
Anthony Shannon
SallyAnn Smiell
Susan Sullivan
Scott Sullivan