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This year Scouts have decided to follow BSA Guided Curriculum and have picked Monthly Themes for Activities and learning.  We are excited to help them with this.
May 2018 - Skateboarding
June 2018 - BackPacking
July 2018 - Swimming
August 2018 - COPE
September 2018 - Cycling
October 2018 - Wilderness Survival
November 2018 - Archery
December 2018 - Winter Camping
January 2019 - Snowboarding/Skiing
February 2019 - Cooking
March 2019 - Games
April 2019 - Fishing

Camp Wente

Sunday, July 22, 2018

Quick Basics

Start: Sunday, July 22, 2018 7:30 am
End: Saturday, July 28, 2018 11:30 am
Venue: Wente Scout Reservation
Address: 5401 Canyon Rd.
City: Willits, CA 95490
Contact: 707-459-2110 (emergencies only)
Register: Click
Emergency: Contact:
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Camp Wente Lake Panorama

We hope you will be joining us for this great camp!

Last Minute Reminders and Notes

Travel To and From Wente

Drivers:  You should have all received an email with drivers listed.  You can see the list under the members only tab.  Please connect with your driving regarding transporting gear.  Will all the gear fit in the driver’s vehicle?  Do you need to drop off gear the day before departure in order to allow time for packing?

Departure Time:   We will meet on Sunday, July 22th in the back parking lot beside Safeway and behind the bank.  Please do not park beside the bank because we tend to block traffic there.  We will meet at 7:30 AM for a 8:00 AM departure (sharp!).  

Lunch:            Please bring a bag lunch.  They do not serve lunch at Wente and we will not be stopping for lunch on the way.  Each scout is responsible for bringing their own.

Gas Money:  It would be courteous to provide your driver with some gas money to help cover the expense of driving ($10). 

Letters from Home:  Please write a letter for your son and put it in an envelope with his name on it.  Hand it to the driver or another adult attending camp.  We will hand these out during the week (probably on Wednesday or Thursday)

Contact Person:  We will have a designated contact person in Benicia who will receive contact from us when we arrive at camp, leave camp, etc.  That person will, in turn contact you with this information.

Return Time:   You will receive an email when we are leaving camp (some time after breakfast) and again when we hit highway 37 (approx 30 minutes away).  Pick-up will be in the same parking lot.  We are doing this rather than dropping kids off at houses because sometimes the gear doesn't travel in the same vehicle as the person which causes a logistical problem.  We will arrive home mid-day.


Information Required From You

1.  Dietary Restrictions:  If any adults or scouts have dietary restrictions please let me know.  We need to give the kitchen staff heads up.  If you have specific food needs please email me.  The kitchen always provides a vegetarian option at meals and they do not use nuts in the kitchen.  The only nut product is the individually packaged peanut butter at the salad bar.  We need to be aware the kids sometimes use this for fish bait. 

2.  Tent Buddies:  The tents are provided by camp.  They have a wooden platform with a canvas top.  Two people per tent.  Tent buddies have been assigned and emailed to you.  You can see this list under the members only tab.  If the need arises we can switch tent buddies half-way through camp.  This will only be done with adult approval.  We encourage scouts to choose a different nighttime buddy from their daytime buddy. 

3.  Emergency Contact Info:  Please review the emergency contact document under the members only tab.  This contains emergency contact info and medical/allergy alerts.  All adults attending camp will have a copy.  This includes info for both the scouts and the adults attending Wente.  This serves as a quick reference in addition to the medical forms that have more detailed information. 

4.  Firearm Permission Slip:  Scouts must turn in 4 copies of the Firearm Permission Slip.

5.  Medical Release:  Scouts must turn in parts A, B, B, C of the scout medical form.  Camp Wente is very strict about having all required boxes checked and signatures present.  They will not allow scouts to participate in program activities or even enter the campsite until all issues on the medical form are resolved.

6.  Concerns:   Please let me know if you have any concerns regarding your child.  It is helpful if I know what to be on the lookout for.  I will be discreet about this information if it is sensitive.  Bedwetting, homesickness, social concerns or issues with friends, anxiety…. All of these things can impact a child’s camp experience.  If you are worried about something, let me know.


General Camp Information

Here is a link to the 2018 Camp Wente Leader Handbook

Buddy System:  Scouts must be with a buddy at all times.  We will have a buddy board at our camp site where scouts sign out where they are going and who they are with. 

Water Bottle/Hydration Pack:  Scouts must carry a filled water bottle.  They will not be allowed in the different program areas without water.  Please label their bottle. 

Spending Money:  There is a small general store at camp.  They sell cold drinks, snacks and candy, souvenirs, toiletries and miscellaneous camping supplies.  Your scout will want to visit there every day!  In addition food and souvenirs your scout may want to purchase ammunition for the rifle range or shotgun range or a trail ride.  We recommend $50 - $100 in spending money.  Please talk with your scout about how to spend their money and how to keep track of their money.

Trail Rides:  Here are the trail rides. All are an additional $25 except the overnight which is $40.  These fill up.  It would be better to register for these now rather than wait until arriving at camp. 

  • Cowboy Breakfast Ride- Thurs 6 30- 8 45AM
  • Horse Trail Ride & Outpost (overnight) Tues 4 30pm until 7am Wed ($40)
  • Horse Trail Ride Fri 6 30-8pm
  • Horse Trail Ride Monday 3:30-5pm
  • Horse Trail Ride Monday 7- 8 30pm
  • Lunch Trail Ride Friday 11 30am- 1 45pm
  • Root Beer Float Ride Wed 1 30pm-3pm

Shotgun/Rifle Ranges:  There are a few open range times when scouts may want to try/practice their skills.  They must pay for their ammunition/targets to do this.  This does not have to be done prior to camp. The cost is$.50 per target/5 shots for rifle and $.50 per pigeon/1 shot for shotgun.

Swimming Requirements: As soon as we arrive at camp, there is a swim test. If a scout plans to take the Swimming merit badge class at Wente, they MUST pass the swim test the first time as soon as we arrive at camp. So, practice your swimming and get in shape. The test is 75 yards in a forward stroke and 25 yards in an overhand backstroke followed by floating for 1 minute. 

Medicine:  Medicine will be kept in a locked box at our campsite.  Emergency meds may be carried by your scout.  Please get meds to Shannon Said ASAP.  We will have over-the-counter meds and firstaid supplies available if needed.



See Wente packing list.

Label everything!

You may want to pack clothes for each day in a ziplock bag.  It is helpful to separate clean from dirty.

Highlights and Additions to the packing list: 

  • Water bottle
  • Closed toe shoes
  • Shower sandals
  • Jacket or sweatshirt – the evenings can be very cool
  • Sun screen
  • Pocket knife
  • A coat hanger to hang up Class A uniform
  • Scout book and merit badge printouts
  • Hawaiian shirt/grass skirts etc. for Wentathalon
  • Hawaiian decorations for tent and campsite area.
  • Lawn chair (space permitting)
  • Hammock
  • Fishing Gear


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Here are a few last minute reminders,


  • Meet at Benicia Safeway's back parking lot behind West America Bank @ 7:30 am.
  • Wheels will hit the ground @ 8:00 am.
  • $15.00 gas money to your driver.
  • Bring a bag lunch
  • Coordinate with your scouts driver for dropping off luggage, if your driver tells you there is no more room left in their vehicle you can drop
  • camping chairs
  • if you are in the biking merit badge class and are bringing your bike, don't forget to bring your helmet and bike lock.
  • spending money
  • Adults bring your tent as a back up measure in case we don't have enough platform tents.  

This is our annual big camping trip. The boys get camping experience and earn merit badges on the shore of a beautiful lake.
Here is a link to the 2018 Camp Wente Leader Handbook.  This has any and all information updated for this year.  2017 Wente Handbook
You should be signed up for classes by now. If you are planning on attending Wente with the Troop and are not signed up for classes, you need to contact Carrie Todd as soon as possible.


Here are some things you should know about the Wente Class Schedule:

  • It is ok to have some free time during the day.  The boys do not have to fill every time slot with a class.
  • Some younger boys had requested Eagle Classes with a minimum age 14 requirement.  Wente keeps those classes open for older boys who may not have another opportunity to complete these required classes.  If those classes still have space when we arrive at Wente it would be ok for our younger boys to switch into those classes.  Of course the boys must be able to act responsibly and maturely or they will not be allowed to continue in the class.
  • There is often additional space available in classes once we get up there.  If boys want to add an additional class after we arrive, that may be possible.
  • If you’d like to add an additional class now, please review the schedule and let me know ASAP.  Here is a link to the schedule: Wente Class Schedule.
  • Trail rides including the overnight trail ride can be booked now or when you arrive at Wente.  They fill up so if any of the boys want to book a trail ride it might be better to do it now.  Let me know and we can get them registered.


Wente Scout Reservation is a Nationally Acredited Boy Scout camp owned and opperated by the San Francisco Bay Area Council, Boy Scouts of America. Each year they host thousands of Scouts from all over the country. They have highly trained staff and offer at least 58 Merit Badges, with the possibility of more being anounced at camp, as well as many awards to earn and lots of activities to partake in that are just fun.

Troop 007 attends Camp Wente each summer where we earn badges, advance in rank and have a great time!

For those who have never been to Camp Wente with Troop 007, you should know that we reserve a prime location (Sailor's Rest). Some of the other locations require quite a bit of hiking just to get to and from your camp multiple times a day.

Choose your Merit Badge Class Schedule:

Some of the information for this camp, contains scout names and has been posted on a member's only page: Wente (members only). You must be logged in as a member of Troop 007 to see this page.

Please check Merit Badge Prerequisites, before you sign up. Some of the classes have fees and some have age requirements: Prerequisite PDF

The Buddy System at Camp Wente: The buddy system is strictly enforced at Camp Wente. Whether going to merit badge classes, meals, the convenience store, or just down to the lake to fish, scouts MUST have a buddy. Scouts do NOT have to have the SAME buddy for all of their classes or activities. (This comes direct from Emily Determan at Camp Wente Reservation)

Age requirements: Rifle shooting is for 12 and above. Shotgun shooting is for scouts 13 and above. All those listed under Eagle Trail you have to be 14 or above.

There are extra fees for materials in some classes. This is usually $10-$15 except for Rifle & Shotgun Shooting which are $30.

Please make sure that your parents approve how much extra you are allowed. And bring the money with you on March 15th.

For those of you who are first timer's, it's a great piece of land owned by BSA just east of Willits, CA.

The Wente Scout Reservation camp is a great place for Webelos just crossing over. They have the opportunity to rank up all the way from Scout to Tenderfoot to Second Class to First Class. Even if they don't complete all the badges and rank requirements, they will be well on their way to completion with only a few things to finish up back home.

Swimming Requirements: As soon as you arrive, there is a swim test. If a scout plans to take the Swimming merit badge class at Wente, they MUST pass the swim test the first time as soon as we arrive at camp. So, practice your swimming and get in shape. The test is 75 yards in a forward stroke and 25 yards in an overhand backstroke followed by floating for 1 minute.

Talk to the older scouts and the parents of scouts who have gone so you will know what to expect.

There is a lake small enough to see all the way across, but big enough for canoes, kayaks, and small sailboats. Catch-and-release fishing is a favorite with the scouts.

There is mountain biking and horseback riding around the lake and deer everywhere.

Every year, we reserve a great spot in the camp. It's centrally located and close to almost everything.

Here is the Wente Scout Reservation site so you can learn about the camp and its services and features: Camp Wente Scout Reservation

Finney Valley Awards: There is a different award you can earn every year at Camp Wente. Most Scouts and adults in our Troop probably get more than half way to earning them without even knowing it. Find out more about them here.

This is the Council's web page for Wente