Welcome to Troop 007!

We're glad you've chosen us. This page is for you. Don't get overwhelmed. Look for the great resources at your leisure.

We are Scout-led. Scouts (with guidance from parents) update this website.

This website is our main form of written information dissemination to parents and scouts. We send out periodic emails, but the intent is to organize all of the written information here, on the website and make announcements (weekly or as necessary) through email when important information has been updated.

Please keep in mind that the website is being updated all the time and to send an email out every time the website gets updated would be tedious and counter productive. So updates will appear on the website which will not be announced. Feel free to check often.

If you find incorrect or incomplete information on this website, or if you think there is information which you feel should be included on the website, please contact the adult webmaster Mr. Shannon.

Volunteer Opportunities: There are many ways for adults to become involved in the Troop. Even though we are Scout-led, the Scouts depend on adults for guidance. In addition, there are many adult volunteer positions which must be filled to keep the Troop going. There is no end the to adult leader training provided by BSA. We will announce opportunities for adults to get trained in a variety of areas of Scouting.

We also hold parent meetings at the end of Troop meetings. If you drop your Scouts off and leave, please come back early to pick them up. 8:00pm every Tuesday, adults will gather in a separate room at the Benicia Veterans Memorial Hall to discuss Troop business and important information.

Feeling lost, confused, overwhelmed? Speak to the Scoutmaster (Scott May), one of the Assistant Scoutmasters (you will see them in uniform at the Troop meetings), or any one of the adults who has been with the Troop for a while. We will

Committee Meetings: Committee meetings are open to all parents and guardians of Troop 007 Scouts. All are welcome. Committee meetings are where adult volunteers discuss how we will guide the Scouts. We answer the questions: What do the Scouts need? What do the Scouts want? How can we guide and assist them? Your presence and your input are welcome.